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Guided by the principles of permaculture, L'Alpakiade is a farm that takes care of humans while regenerating the environment that supports them.

Our Mission

We take inspiration from nature on a daily basis to build the ecosystem of our farm. It is made up of complementary productions, activities and individuals who work in synergy.

Our first objective is to build a resilient farm that has a positive impact on its environment.
Three priorities guide our choices: the well-being of our animals, the regeneration of the land and the contribution to the local community.


Our Story

L'Alpakiade is the combination of a love story with a magical place nestled on the heights of Wakefield and the desire of a family to help build the world of tomorrow.

Guided by our love for animals and nature andby our endless ideas and our need to undertake, we bought in 2016 this still virgin land which became our permacultural alpaca farm .

After 3 years of work during which we built our access roads, our infrastructures and our water management system, we finally welcomed our alpacas in August 2019. The same year, we formalized our partnership with P3 Permaculture who teaches on-farm permaculture workshops and trainings on a regular basis.

Since then, we have been building our business, one production at a time.

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