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By booking a guided tour or an activity on the farm, you automatically give your consent to our image use policy. You can withdraw this consent after purchase by contacting us at

Therefore, by booking a guided tour or farm activity:

  • You authorize L'Alpakiade to use the videos, portrait or photographed images in which the people for whom you have booked a visit appear, for specific purposes of use and publication in printed or electronic documents, books, pamphlets, corporate documents, promotional tools, magazines, newsletters, website, Facebook and Instagram page and other documents of the same nature, and this, from year to year, in a professional setting;
  • You acknowledge the right for L'Alpakiade to proceed, without any compensation, to the use and publication in the documents explained in the previous paragraph.
  • You hold L'Alpakiade harmless from any claim that may arise from the use and/or publication by anyone, including third parties, of the visual image.

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