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Don't be fooled by appearances, these cute furballs each have their own little character that we've come to know and love over time.

We have chosen to breed alpacas for the high quality of their fiber, their resilience and their low impact on the environment. Our alpacas love winter and therefore have access to the outdoors all year round. In summer, they graze in rotation in their pastures and thus help to enrich the soil.

Each spring, they give us their fleeces which we transform into knitting yarns, drying balls and soles. We are currently working on the creation of new products.


Laying Hens

Our chickens give us delicious eggs, but they also play a key role in the ecosystem of the farm. From the beginning of May to the beginning of November, they rotate in the pastures of our alpacas. They feed on grass, larvae and insects, thus cleaning pastures while fertilizing them. In winter, they have access to a spacious and bright henhouse.

Their grain is grown in Quebec without pesticides and contains no chemical preservatives or animal by-products.



Milkweed grows naturally at L'Alpakiade. Fascinated by the various properties of this native plant, we chose to help it spread on our farm and work on its transformation. We are still in a research and development period and therefore do not market any milkweed-based products. However, we invite you to join us at the farm for our collective and festive milkweed harvest at the beginning of September


Permaculture Courses

Since 2020, the company P3 Permaculture offers permaculture courses and workshops at the farm. P3 Permaculture has guided the development of the farm and designed its water management system. L'Alpakiade is therefore an ideal place of learning for students of all levels. Visit to discover their training courses lasting a few hours, a weekend or several days.

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